Champ de blé
Engin agricole en action dans une installation de stockage à plat



It all starts in 1988,
when Jacques and Robert Pouleau, farmers by trade, imagine a first installation for their own need of storage and drying of red fescue (lawn for golf course greens).

They have the idea of creating trenches in the concrete floor of their hangar, which they cover with grates.

Very quickly, they perfected their installation by shaping gutters of galvanized sheet metal, always covered with grates.

This installation allows them to circulate a flow of air generated by a fan, this "pulsed" air passing through their production stored on the grates.

This first installation very quickly knows a "curiosity" effect that quickly crosses the borders of the canton.

Already two colleagues also want their installation and participate with the Pouleau brothers in the improvement of the system: number of gutters, width and depth of gutters, spacing between two rows, etc...

Many parameters are taken into account for the performance of the facility.

Yield also depends on what is stored! The nature of the stored crop is decisive in the choice of aeration grids.

Several models are quickly developed: slits, oblong holes or round holes, etc...

Today, with more than 30 years of manufacturing and marketing expertise, Les Mergers solutions represent more than 180,000 tons of storage on the national territory and more than 100 methanization plants equipped!

All Les Mergers manufacturing is now produced in France in Lutz-en-Dunois.

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